You Should Have Your Bachelorette Party in Miami — Here’s Why

Cheesy, “chick flick and games” bachelorette parties are becoming a thing of the past. Turn up the volume on the bride-to-be’s last days of singledom with a wild and crazy bachelorette party in Miami! Stag and Hen surveyed 1,000 women in the United States asking what their favorite bachelorette party destinations were, and we’re not surprised Miami placed in the top 3. The energy in Miami is unbeatable, making it a hotspot for bride squads to rendezvous for some pre-wedding fun.


The ultimate fling before the ring


A group of women posing for a photo during their bachelorette party in Miami

Because of how stressful wedding planning is, particularly for brides, it’s not uncommon for ladies to opt for a blowout bachelorette getaway versus a basic night on the town. If partying like a rockstar with “just the girls” sounds like the perfect way to let loose before the big day, Miami won’t disappoint. Miami has countless entertainment, dining, shopping, and site-seeing options! And of course, what girl doesn’t love dressing up with her girlfriends in cute, matching swimwear and tanks and spending a weekend away soaking in the sun, doing shots, and dancing?

“Toes in the sand, cold drink in hand”


The highlight of your bachelorette getaway is sure to be SpeedBoat Tours’ private VIP package! A raging Bachelorette party in Miami from start to finish, this is an experience you’ll never forget. Hop on the boat, pop a bottle of champagne, and speed off on an exhilarating ride to the Miami Sandbar! As your hair whips around your face, you can snap the perfect Instagram photo with cold drinks in hand and the iconic Miami skyline whizzing by in the background. If it weren’t for your captain pointing them out, you may be having so much fun that you barely notice the celebrity homes you’re passing! Keep an eye out for Haulover Sandbar, (it’s impossible to miss!) where a colorful array of boats are anchored in the clear, shallow water. Welcome to the coolest Bachelorette party in Miami!

A group of women swimming in the water during a bachelorette party in Miami

Out on the Sandbar, the upbeat vibe is just as contagious as the calm, ankle-to-waist-deep waters are irresistible! And what’s so great about the Sandbar party package is, you can enjoy a totally private bachelorette party in Miami (meaning you and your bride squad will have the boat all to yourselves) and still feed off the energy of other party-goers as they jam and party too! Some might be tossing footballs between boats. Others may be teaching their kids to paddleboard or grilling off the back of their yacht. It’s easy to let go when you’re hanging out with your closest girlfriends, bouncing on a colorful inflatable, drink in hand, workin’ on that tan.


Don’t forget the delicious eats!


At the Sandbar, there are countless “food truck” boats, each one loaded with mouth-watering cuisine. As if it could get any better, when hunger inevitably hits, you don’t have to pause the fun in search of food. Simply let the food come to you! Place your order with one of the “munchies delivery” guys paddling around in kayaks! When your food is ready, they’ll paddle your order to you and swipe your credit card right there. Order everything imaginable, from wood-fired pizzas, baked fresh at the Sandbar to cold ice cream to delicious shawarma; not to mention fish tacos smothered in pico de gallo and ceviche with corn on the cob on the side. Just the kind of fuel you need to keep your strength up as you drink and party away!


The most memorable bachelorette party ever


Who’s ready to dance the pre-wedding jitters away? Pass another round of drinks! It’s impossible to not have a great time when you’re out on the water with a group of your best girlfriends at the Miami Sandbar! Captain Mike and his crew will act as your party hosts, personal photographers, and bartenders! Get them to snap photos as the whole group does shots, ask them to keep the drinks coming, and get their best recommendations for what to order from the “food truck” boats. There’s nothing better than spending a day laughing, dancing, and partying in Miami’s beautiful water with your favorite people. Make no mistake, this private VIP party at the Miami Sandbar is a once-in-a-lifetime experience the bride and her girlfriends are sure to be talking about for years to come!


Ready for the party of a lifetime at the Haulover Sandbar? It’s sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Whether you’re the bride or a part of her tribe, you’ll love partying like rockstars before the big day with SpeedBoat Tours in Miami, Florida! Book your private tour today!